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So, 3 weeks in, I want to give some feedback. I was too lazy to write down everything but here are my conclusions:

– The Dustshoe with brushes didn’t work out as I wanted. The brushes are to rigid and moved my workpiece once. The price of them and the pain to get it glued into the shoe itself were not worth it.
– Making the dustshoe big with a window is a nice idea, but not that practical in daily use. I found out, that even with the window, I am not able to position the bit to its correct zero location, so I had to remove it for the initial placement. On top of that, the size does matter 😉 As I have knobs to screw down the clamps, that might collide with the dust shoe, bigger shoe means bigger problems
– Foamed rubber is working really really great, is cheap and easy to work with!

And one more thing I found out, after I forgot to mount the dustshoe before I started a job: Thats bad! 😉 I can really really recommend to build a dust shoe. it is night and day to holding the end of the vacuum to near the bit!