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Hi Guys,
I was saying yesterday that it would be nice if someone could come up with an adjustable dust shoe that could be fixed on the gantry instead of the Z axis. Then I thought “why should I wait for someone to design it while I can try myself?”

So, I made a first design and printed the parts. Here is how it looks like:

Simply two 8mm rods that can slide on those round brackets, which are fixed on the gantry just before the nuts:

Those rods will be attached to the dust shoe, allowing to adjust the height.

I still have to make a few adjustments but I think it should work.

I left a lot of holes on top of the dust shoe for cooling the motor in case I’ll have to put the dust shoe at maximum height, but most of the time it won’t so I’ll just cover them with tape.

If this works, I’ll probably do another version with a polycarbonate window on top.
This design will probably be easy to adapt for any MPCNC, no matter what router you’re using. Anyway, I’ll see how this turns out.

I’m also working on a giant 60 cm Z axis for 3D printing big parts using a big nozzle, not sure that it will work fine in terms of accuracy but it costs me nothing to try it, so why not? And If it doesn’t, then I’ll just have to cut it smaller.

I’ve made a new Print head support integrating my Z probe, much stiffer than the previous one.

I still hadn’t the opportunity to try my plasma cutter, I hope I’ll be able to this weekend