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Well, I feel a bit like this last remark was kind of adressed to me (probably among others too), but I can assure you that my shop vac mount works perfectly fine and it made no difference whatsoever in the cut quality. So I’ll wait for actual differences in real life before making any conclusion about which technique is the best 😀

Actually on this version of the dust shoe, what I can tell from the pictures is that all the forces are applied on the bottom of the (extremely long) Z axis, at the farthest point which is no different than applying all the forces on the top (understand equally bad at equal distance from the center). So I really don’t see how this would be better in any way, unless he reduces the Z height by quite a lot to make it closer to the center of the gantry.

Nicely designed though, beautiful thing. I particularly like the way you designed the bottom side. But a dust shoe which moves together with the Z axis is really not the best design (I don’t criticize here, mine works on the very same principle). For sure it is ten thousand times better than nothing, but the problem is that is doesn’t work so well during the first passes, when it is not very deep.
If someone could come up with a good system which could be secured directly on the gantry that would be awesome.