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Here is a new update.

I mounted the mirrors at the back at the laser, on the moving arm and made a new laserhead holder.

Then I did some aligning. Remove the mirrors and place the back plate back in the holder. Cover the mirror hole with a piece of tape. Shortly fire the laser and look if it aim straight.

Mirror aligning
Head aligning

Then I did some test runs with 8 MM plexiglas

WARNING! Cutting plexiglass will produce chlorine gas when combined with the natural moisture in the air creates a form of hydrochloric acid. Be WARNED!

I have mounted ventilation to the outside!
Test run 4

Tried a name

More test runs:
Test run 15

Nice and clear!

Also tried engraving, it is not great but a start.

Also on wood, still not great but had to give it a try šŸ™‚

Soon more!