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You are saying to set everything under 30 mm/s but currently my settings are all at 500 mm/min which would be 8.333 mm/s which is way lower than 30. Plunge is set to (200mm/m) 3.333 mm/s currently. I can change the ramp to match it, but I have all the toolpaths in this tree set to only use plunge as the lead-in so that shouldn’t impact it.

Every cut in the tree uses the same tool settings, and I have all the same feed settings except the last one which I export as a separate gcode for a different tool, but that tool has the same speed settings also.

I attached screenshots of the post processor at the stage before it creates the g-code I think that is what you were asking for. Let me know if it is something different.

I have kept every change as minimal as I can. When I posted my gcode on this thread before you showed me that I had speeds on the Z that were way too high and I found out they were coming from the V9 processor not from my settings. That was why I changed it. I even re-downloaded it just to be sure. I hope you are right and that this is all just a setting I have that is incorrect. I do know that one of those forums specifically mentioned this problem though. They mentioned that marlin was having an issue where it was bypassing a setting when retracting on the z axis and causing missed steps and it was only happening on the Z.

This wouldn’t be a problem coming from Repetier host would it? It seems like everyone who is posting about this issue uses Repetier host, and not the lcd controller. I was just looking to see if there could be some connection there possibly.