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Hi guys,
I’ll recapitulate here the last modifications and developments of the previous weeks, since they are spread in different threads around the forum:

First, a completely new bearing system to replace the original skateboard bearings:

The new motor carriages:

The new design for the center carriage:

The new central carriage installed on the MPCNC:

So far it works really great. Super smooth with no other resistance that the belt tension, no play at all, seems perfect. I just have to print a few parts to protect them from the dust, but nothing very complicated to do.

I’ve now made some progress on fitting a plasma cutter on the MPCNC, originally planned to test last weekend but it was unfortunately raining too much to put the CNC outside (plasma cutting is not something that should be done indoors without good ventilation).

Made a new Z axis for that, I’ll protect the plastic parts using some aluminum tape and/or Kapton if heat turns out to be an issue:

I’ve also added a relay to command the plasma cutter using gcode command M106.

Next step will be to try quickly if this works, and if the results are positive I’ll just have to make another table top for plasma cutting.