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Tom Cole

Here’s the 26.5mm cut down nozzle.

I’m not going to use Dropbox for any updates. I wasn’t happy that the first link I posted died when I tried to update files in its folder. The A360, which is Autodesk’s cloud is directly connected with Fusion360 and I’m just going to provide the Fusion links from now on. I need to get a better understanding of how updates are handled with A360 and Fusion, but I’m under the impression that the links from there will always give you the latest version. I don’t do a great job with update tracking. In fact, I’m sloppy. Sorry, I’ll work on that.

The air jet bracket pictured above is at this link
It will replace the DW660bot1 file in Ryan’s original design. The holes have threads modeled into them already. The side hole is 1/8 NPT, which is something like .390-27 ANSI UNS, and the down hole is 5/16-32 – standard Schrader inner-tube threads(and inflation needles). I got a few needles and I am experimenting with cutting them down.
I got the 1/4″ polyethylene tubing at Lowes as well as the push-connect elbow and 1/4″ MPT adapter so I could connect a standard air hose fitting. Still pondering pressure regulator options.

I’m probably going to move the threaded hole on the side away from the z axis mount in order to clear the bearing. I have a feeling that is going to require that I turn the DW660 in the mount 180° so the air hose doesn’t block access to the spindle lock button. Like I said, lots of little bumps in the road.