Reply To: Spindle power control



Thanks for the tip Martin. I added a few line since I was getting tired of spinning the pineapple up/down to change the tools. I only have to spin it back down to the surface now.

G0 Z0 ; Move Z to material surface
M84 S0 ; Keep motors on forever
M107 ; Stop DW660
G0 Z35 ; Raise spindle for tool change
G92 Z0 ; Reset Z to zero
M18 Z ; Release Z
M00 ; Pause for user
M106 ; Restart DW660

On a side note, I’m running the gcode through Repetier on a PC. After the the pause I usually hit the button on the LCD display to resume the cut (the PC display is sleeping by then). Is there a way to resume from inside Repetier? If so, I may add another pause and lower spindle commands to automate it even more. I don’t trust myself not to double tap the button on the LCD screen.