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That’s an interesting perspective. You do a lot of printing, so I’m sure you’re right. There are two reasons why I went with the autoleveling instead of not:

1) I had the bed leveled, and it was working very well. But It is at different heights in the middle and the edges (off by about 0.3mm from my novice measurements). The autolevel will let me compensate for that, and hopefully give me a larger work area, although I can already tell that the edges aren’t going to be heated as well, so I might need to bump up the bed temp… or build a box or something.

2) The printer isn’t generating my paycheck, it’s a toy, and I want to play with it. That’s probably what it really comes down to.

I don’t personally want to adjust the endstop screw to do fine adjustments, although I can see why you would. I have always used the paper test, at a place near each scew to level the bed. Now, I’m also doing some adjustment to the overall height, but I’m doing it with the babystepping, and the slicer, because if I ever need to relevel the bed, if I had adjusted the endstop screw, then the paper test would undo my fine tuning. If I adjust it with the babystepping, I can get a number, and put that in my slicer settings, and that tuning will still be there, based off of the height from the paper leveling. If I had multiple printers, and they were all printing 100 parts in between leveling, then it would make a lot more sense to use the endstop screw, but I have 1 printer now, and move it, add something to it, remove something from it, frequently, so I’ve been doing lots of leveling.

Also, the babystepping doesn’t pause the print, it will keep running. Barry mentioned it, so I thought people would want to know that it’s possible to add it to the menu, you don’t have to use matterhorn :).