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I found this in the Configuration_adv.h:

// Babystepping enables the user to control the axis in tiny amounts, independently from the normal printing process
// it can e.g. be used to change z-positions in the print startup phase in real-time
// does not respect endstops!
  // #define BABYSTEP_XY  //not only z, but also XY in the menu. more clutter, more functions
                       //not implemented for deltabots!
  #define BABYSTEP_INVERT_Z false  //true for inverse movements in Z
  #define BABYSTEP_MULTIPLICATOR 1 //faster movements

It puts a babystep z in your LCD “tune” menu, which is pretty useful for adjusting it. I tried it, and it defaults to 0.001 steps, which is more than a little annoying. So you might try to increase the multiplier to 10, or 25 maybe, but I used it to adjust the final height after installing the auto level sensor (I hope to post something about that soon).