Reply To: Private: 8th Grade MP3DP



yes setting the firmware would be best……but…..I have a feeling your nozzle might be clogged. You are using all my stuff, so the settings should be okay.

Or the tension is not high enough on the drive gear.

So lets go in steps just in case.

1) PLA correct? What brand, and what extruder temp, is the little thermistor in the hole?

2) Set it to extrude and try and hold the filament from feeding through.the tension should be high enough to make the motor skip steps, not just filament sliding through. If it is only slipping tighten the screw on the lever to increase tension, if this is good step 3.

3)tell it to extrude and get a picture of it extruding in mid air, post it here and we can see if you are clogged, luckily pla is easy to unclog usually.