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I used to be pretty die hard XDA. Then it became a case of diminishing returns, the time vs the bugs. I needed something that always worked, I lost the free time to set everything up all the time.

I think here it to me/us it is the same question getting asked all the time, they just don’t know what to call it so it gets asked a lot. When we get them sorted out is is just the same ol’ issues, usually just missing some nuance in the instructions. Luckily here no matter how irritated I get by have to milk out all the details, usually we get them working and they are very appreciative. It’s the ones that get an attitude, and bought all sorts of random parts and expect us all to dedicate a ton of time helping with non standard things.

Don’t get me wrong I love non standard ideas, it is just better for the more experienced to try and push the envelope. You would not believe how many emails I get telling me I should fill the tubes with something to improve rigidity.