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Hmmm. Just an initial height problem, huh? I get better adhesion with the Z height a little lower, but I guess that’s at a cost of the bell bottoms. I tried moving it up 0.1mm and it’s working fine for the Low Rider parts I’m making. They don’t have much trouble sticking at any rate. Thanks for the help.

My print bed rises a little in the middle, about 0.3mm, so for the piece of paper I use to level it, I added 0.25mm as an initial offset in slic3r. I could have used the adjustment screw, but then I would have the offset again next time I changed the corner set screws.

I have an inductive sensor, and I just got the mount figured out, so as soon as I get it exactly where I want it, I’m going to screw everything up again and adjust it with the inductive sensor. I can tell just from moving it around that it’s pretty consistent left to right, there’s just a bulge in the middle, like I said about 0.3mm. But I’m mixing the topics now, you are all right, this can be solved with an adjustment to the z height for the first layer.