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I have the wiki, no one has added anything. As far as I know it is open.

Documentation is hard every person likes it differently. I had all the information only listed once, as in it was on one short page. I tried to break everything up. Now I am listing as much info on each page but in my opinion it makes it so much worse. Every page is getting much larger with more links, but I still get the “I didn’t see that info anywhere” response. All the info is usually in at least 3 places. It is getting to the point that some pages are so dense no one bothers to look at them.

If you see the early pages I had a “are your steppers spinning the wrong way” page. It had one picture and a sentence, “flip this plug over” I preferred that. Now I have to put that on every page that mentions the steppers. And I still get emails and forums questions about it.

But yes, a time allocation is due. and the canned response of “please post this in the trouble shooting forum and answer these questions”.