Reply To: 20×30 inch build



Almost exactly a year since I last posted in this thread! ‘Bout time to revive it. You know you’ve been around when you find your old post less than 20 threads from the very beginning!

I’m getting close to getting my upgrade finished. The new build has the new middle section (MUCH stiffer! Thanks, Ryan!), the new rollers, a gantry-mounted vacuum shoe (not quite finished yet, but I got the mount on the gantry), and gantry-mounted terminals for the Z axis.

There will be some new electronic bits, too. In addition to the separate button controller, posted somewhere else here on the forums last year, there will be an updated version with more buttons for specialized functions and tool control, and a PID speed-controlled spindle.

I have some other things planned, as well. I’ll post pics as it starts to come together.

As always, thanks Ryan, for a great machine!