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If you buy it from you it should be correct I think, I just screwed up by trying to do it on my own first. The colors of the wires should be matched, thats the only thing missing i think. And where to place the X, the Y and the Z. I found that on Google, but it’s also displays on the kit itself (but the Z axis has 2 places to connect)

And if you don’t buy the wires: you could add an better image of the wires together (matching colors). The 2 wires of the X needs to be connected with eachother, but you can do that by removing the top part of end of the wires and place it back together on the correct place (match the colors of the motor). That was the part we didn’t understand correctly before buying the wiring kit.

Hope you understand what i mean by this. Hard to explain for me since my main language is not English. So it can also be my own fault that i didn’t understand it. This was the only part i had trouble with together with the motors, all other parts where very easy to understand.

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