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Dave B.

Looks like D9 is out, looking at the docs and this driver wants 5V for analogue but I saw something on remapping the pins so not an issue. I’m intrigued by the data on the post about the focal dot size;

1W 405nm : 4 MIL = 0.004″ = 0.1 mm = 100 micron
2W 445nm : 8 MIL = 0.008″ = 0.2 mm = 200 micron
2.8W 445nm : 9 MIL = 0.009″ = 0.23 mm = 230 micron
3.8W 445nm : 15 MIL = 0.015″ = 0.38 mm = 380 micron

The huge jump from 2.8 to 3.8 would seem to indicate my 6W is going to be quite unsuitable for fine detailed images but should still be fine for cutting. Is there any data on sub 1W lasers? Do they put out enough to burn wood? More research needed 🙂

Thanks for the TEC info, my Google-fu was weak yesterday and the few links I followed told me nothing. I’ve bookmarked a few Laser specific forums so will check around in those as to when/why I’d care about a TEC setup.

On order and holding me back;
– Proper end mills for the DeWalt
– Laser heatsinks x2
– Shop Vac (should be here Tuesday!)

I fired up the Image2GCode program and it seem really simple, also appears to give the proper PWM in the Gcode on quick perusal so it should do the trick. I’m also playing with S3D which I use exclusively for printing but can’t seem to import the .NC files from Estlcam. More play needed.

Edit: just saw your post Leo and you’re right 🙂

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