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Dave B.

I’m a laser noob myself… won’t the intensity of the laser determine the focal dot size? I honestly don’t know yet but will report the results.

The Optlaser driver will accept PWM or TTL and is rated to 5A so should do the trick. Now to figure out what software will create G-Code with PWM and will that run off the RAMPS D9 terminals? It also allows for a ‘TEC’ module but I have no idea what that is. Admittedly, I’ve been more focused on the initial build and getting the rotary cutting, Laser is secondary so has largely been ignored until now.

I still have a lot of research before hooking things up but those are some of the questions I’m going to be answering along the way. The cost of the 6W VS the 2.8W JTech…I’d chalk that up to the 6W being a simple laser and casing and the JTech coming with that kickass control board, support and QA.

I went for the big dog to try cutting other materials but will be getting a more reasonable laser as well if this one doesn’t allow decent engraving/etching. The MPCNC is going to be my ‘Do anything’ machine with heavy focus on modularity with tool choices.

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