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Ah, yeah that makes sense.. If I wanted to drive the table on it I really would have to scale up the gantry. Unfortunately keeping the gantry moving the toolhead makes the 4-5 axis goal a lot more difficult (though in a lot of ways still easier than more traditional CNC designs). Maybe an upper and a lower gantry moving independently would provide enough stability to angle the toolhead and have it actually be able to cut something?

Software is definitely a problem.. Though it’s also an excuse to start working on a 5 axis CNC “slicer” (is that the correct term when applied to CNC?) since there don’t seem to be much in the way of open source work in that area. I’m thinking rendering the toolpath in a voxel-based system to simulate cutting. The basic math is pretty simple, but I’ll need to do some research on cutting path optimization.. Though I could probably have a relatively naive algorithm that would produce good results in sub-optimal time.

Again, getting *way* ahead of myself here..

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