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Are you still thinking of ways to improve this? It’s already good off course, but it might be interesting to be able to make a better printer than the standard prusa’s with our 3d printers and mpcnc mills. (Ultimate up cycling.;) I’ve been looking at some sort of ultimaker style printer to recreate with a 3d printer and mill at approximately the same costs. I think it should be doable and it would be something else than the countless extrusion frame copies we’ve already seen.

Nothing wrong with the prusa printers btw. I still use it all the time, but recently got an ultimaker to use from a friend that went abroad for a while and I really like the quality/speed of printing.

(also, did you see the new ultimaker 3? That hot swappable extruder is so awesome. No more messing with a wrench under/in your printer haha. )

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