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that’s not totally true. They are safe in contact with food. So they won’t leave harmful chemicals when in contact with food. However, it’s not food safe in the sense that a 3d print consists of many layers and can have bacteria in between the layers. But you can just boil this out. I printed many things that i can just put in the dishwasher and that i’m able to boil in cooking water. It get’s flexible in boiling water, but if you don’t push it in and just let it cool down, it will keep it’s form and kill most bacteria.

So yeah, in short, i have no problem continuing baking cookies with my petg cookie cutters. I didn’t die yet. 😉 Don’t know what all the fuzz is about constantly. Do you know how many bacteria there are around you?

And it bridges great, if you have decent cooling fans. I have to admit that bridging isn’t great on my prusa i3, but it’s the same as pla on my ultimaker.

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