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I seem to learn something new with every mirror I do. Like right now I am running a mirror that it seems to have forgotten to turn the laser on for a few passes. So I let it finish then started the exact same code again. This time whats left of the silvered mirror finish is crumbling off like burnt paper leaving just the clear glass as opposed to the kinda of sandblasted looking finish. Interested to see what it looks like when its finished this evening.

I want to get into edge lit acrylic signs too but finding someone to sell me 1/4″ acrylic in Winnipeg Manitoba is not easy. Ordering online is kind of cost prohibitive.

My next adventure with the mirrors will be back lighting with colour. Enamel model paints pass light fairly well with a light coat.

I think I have decided to go ahead and purchase PicEngraver 5 Pro. I think it will save me enough time to warrant the $120 CAD that it will cost.

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