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mark Ziemer

I’m planning to run mine in the basement. I’m in the process of building, and we will see if it all passes muster with the boss. Although mine only has a workspace of 12 x 24 inches, perhaps this will provide some ideas for you build. I’ve had a home build CNC years ago in the garage, and the two problems were dust and noise.

Here’s what I’ve got so far or plan:
1) A worktable with a drawer for tools and computer
2) A lip around the whole thing
3) A removable cabinet top that sits on the lip, with some foam stripping between to seal in the dust.
4) Viewports and cracks in seams are sealed.
5) I need to still work on a way of sealing and closing the doors.
6) A shop vac in a slapped together baffle box to help reduce the noise.
7) I am also building a dust separator from one of the designs on Thingiverse.
8) A dust shoe will also be used.

We will see how well this all works…

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