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First post here, and let me start off by saying thanks to everyone for doing such a great job with the Fusion 360 post processor (and especially to vicious1 for giving us such a great CNC design)!

I wanted to give something back, so I figured I’d share a couple of minor edits/upgrades I made to the MPCNC_Fusion360_V5_SDcard.cps post file (btw v6 keeps giving errors when trying to download):

1. M25 wasn’t working for me on tool change. It would move to the correct location for tool change, but then just instantly move to the next cut location and then it would pause. Not sure why, but M0 works better for me. Now it moves to the tool change location, waits for the LCD encoder button to be pushed and then moves on to the next cut.

2. I wasn’t getting very fast moves between cut locations. No matter what value I changed the Post file to use for highFeedrate, it was still moving the same slow speed. It turns out the setting in Fusion’s Post Processor dialog box was the culprit. It overrides, and adjusting to that value works a treat!

3. After boosting my rapid moves to 5000mm/min I noticed the move to tool change position was not as fast, and sure enough it was hard coded to 2000. I changed the line:
writeBlock("G1 X-20 Y-20 <strong>F2000</strong> ;T" + toolFormat.format(tool.number));
writeBlock("G1 X-20 Y-20" <strong>+ SP + conditional(!properties.useG0, feedOutput.format(highFeedrate)) + </strong>";T" + toolFormat.format(tool.number));

Make the same edit at the beginning Z lift and now these commands update to whatever highFeedrate setting you want to use (set in the Fusion360 Post dialog box Properties section).

Hope the above is helpful to someone. Thanks again to all for the great work, and happy milling!


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