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James Donnelly

No, it’s not a turbo. The design ethos of this vehicle is, make it as reliable as possible, with as few things to go wrong as possible.

Turbos give amazing efficiency and performance boosts, but you need a lab to repair them (or $$$ to replace), and turbo engines go into limp mode when the spinny thing dies.

Power wise, it’s a lowly 100 BHP vs the F150’s 280 BHP, so it’s way under-powered by comparison. Dry weights are OX: 1600Kg, F150: 2200Kg, so it is carrying a fair bit less weight with that power. Of course dry weights are not that informative because it is expected to be loaded, but if you’re just throwing dirt bikes in the back, I expect it will zip along fine.

In terms of bed area/volume, the Ox beats the F150, and just about edges it out on payload too (ox 1900Kg vs F150 800-1600kg depending on features – $$$)

Price-wise, it’s $45k (bare minimum) vs $17k. If the middle window breaks in the jungle, no problem, swap out either side window. If your suspension gets damaged, you only need to carry one spare as left and right are the same fit. etc, etc.

If you damage a body work panel, fire up your MPCNC and cut a new one. However according to the testing they’ve done, the panels they use are more or less indestructible.

If you want something with the lowest possible repair cost, this is it. I actually want one. Not available yet though 🙁