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Does the following gcode produce a totally smooth circle motion for you guys? (after the initial movement of course, and this should “fit” on any machine):

(Header end.)
G21 (All units in mm)

(Start cutting path id: path3336)
(Change tool to Default tool)

G00 X51.245615 Y28.593558 F10000

G02 X45.698628 Y15.201950 I-18.938597 J0.000004 F10000
G02 X32.307019 Y9.654965 I-13.391609 J13.391611
G02 X18.915410 Y15.201950 I-0.000001 J18.938597
G02 X13.368422 Y28.593558 I13.391608 J13.391612
G02 X14.810036 Y35.841046 I18.938597 J0.000002
G02 X18.915408 Y41.985169 I17.496982 J-7.247486
G02 X25.059531 Y46.090541 I13.391610 J-13.391610
G02 X32.307019 Y47.532156 I7.247487 J-17.496982
G02 X39.554507 Y46.090541 I-0.000001 J-18.938597
G02 X45.698630 Y41.985169 I-7.247488 J-17.496981
G02 X49.804001 Y35.841045 I-13.391611 J-13.391609
G02 X51.245615 Y28.593558 I-17.496982 J-7.247486
G01 X51.245615 Y28.593558

(End cutting path id: path3336)

G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000