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Another possibly goofy question, well maybe two (but figured I would ask now that I have three builds in progress). I am getting ready to flash your firmware you have listed “Check your z axis after flashing some lead screws actually need 788 instead of 800 steps per mm in the firmware.” how do I actually ‘check’ this.
You also mentioned that you may tweak the firmware a bit to help with blowing components on the ramps. I am assuming there is a way to gradually heat the hot-end then the heated bed, vs heating them both up at the same time? If this is the case how would one go about that (sorry new to marlin). I am throwing these two extra machines together to give to a couple of friends here at work. I want to limit the headaches they have in the future (or should I say headaches I have, lol).
Thanks again for this excellent machine Ryan (btw you getting rod sets in again soon? I need one more set)!