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Yeah, the accessibility is amazing when you think of it – CNC, laser, 3D Printer, vinyl cutter – so many things people can do; so many things you can learn.

Even when things didn’t go to plan – looking back now – it was good for me. When my Dewalt brushes were getting low it started putting out massive EMF that caused my Arduino to keep restarting. I obviously didn’t know it at the time, so I tried so many different things (learned how to modify/flash firmware, replaced my Arduino then replaced my RAMPS, then my drivers – all of which I learned a great deal about). Eventually the Dewalt just wouldn’t turn on which finally showed me what was really the problem (wasn’t the electronics at all). Now, at the time it wasn’t good, but again, looking back now – there’s no doubt that even when things weren’t working for me – I was learning new things that would come in handy later.

I’ve done so much cutting that my replacement router, the DWP611, also needed brush replacements. Interesting thing though – the DW660 when the brushes got low it put out so much electrical noise that you noticed something was wrong weeks ahead of time, but the DWP611 – no electrical interference, no prewarning problems – it works, you turn it off, go to turn it back on, and it won’t start. Even that though has been a positive because now I know motors have brushes (yeah, I didn’t really know how motors worked before the MPCNC – didn’t know how incredibly easy it was to open them up and replace brushes, I would just replace the motor needlessly).