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Another thing, like you said, don’t move the gantry around manually, use the controls to do it. Yea, that is another thing. I have been trying to figure out a hand held way of moving and nudging the x-y-z using the knob on the Ramps / Marlin LCD is a PAIN, and not very portable with my setup. And using Repetier or MatterControl from the PC is also annoying, since my PC is 5 foot away from my table. I have used MicroSoft’s Android Remote, putting the PC screen onto my cell phone and trying to move the gantry around that way, but Repetier is totally Touch Screen UNFriendly… Useless is another word. I have been using Matter Control on my 3D printer, and have used it for the CNC. It is much easier to work with using a touch screen, but, not really that good. The problem is, i also send manual Gcode to move to an exact location, and I don’t like mattercontrol’s terminal. I would really like to see a phone app that can easily control the gantry, it shouldn’t be too hard to add blue tooth to the Ramps setup.