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It’s really just a super filter. Love it! It really keeps you from having to change out the filter as much on the shop vac. I think this last one is over a year old, and I do a lot of woodworking. Also keep in in place every fall when I vac out the barn. So far the double bucket, which honestly, they say to do anyway, has been holding up. The second one keeps the inner from deforming enough to collapse. I’m sure I’m using too big of a vac on the system, which isn’t helping the bucket issue, but I don’t want to buy a smaller one. The new lid is in place and seems to work pretty well. I need to redesign it a bit so the groove is a bit bigger. The current design is too narrow so it doesn’t fit down over the lip, but I filled it with silicone and it’s actually working quite well. I built a cart to hold the vac and the bucket when I got the system.
Should have got bigger casters, but it works.