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I started building last Winter & using EMT for the horizontals. After wasting a couple of rolls of filament of testing different Vertices, I decided it was not worth the effort to me. I did learn a lot from working on this. I was going to use 2060 or 2040 V-Slot for the verticals, but I did create a vertex that would use 4x 1/2″ EMT. Here is the idea I had for using wheels with that. You can also use these less expensive nylon wheels . You can also find those on ebay, but that was the quickest link to them I could think about.

I just finished building a Folger Tech Kossel 2020 that is working quite well. For $326+Shipping (probably $400 total with the extras I added), I can not believe how well it prints, in most cases better than my Makerfarm i3v 10″. I spent about 6 weeks building it, but I was also redesigning some of the plastic parts that I did not think worked well. I might build another Delta this winter, but use V-Slot & 32bit electronics. I also saw this idea for using bearings on 2020, but you might could adapt it to use with EMT.