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Hello Jason! Thank you for your reply!

Sorry if I am not clear. I understand how typical inlay is done with a straight bit. Cut on the inside with pocket for the base piece, and outside with holding tabs for the insert piece. The problem with this approach is that the corners are limited by the radius of your cylindrical bit. I want sharp corners for my inlay. Using the V-groove bit it is possible to get sharp corners using the Carve tool in Estlcam by varying the height of the bit as it moves. The videos I link to above describe how this technique can be extended to inlay, allow for the inlay piece to have crisp corners. The only way to achieve this is with a groove bit, so it is what I try to use.

Making the negative of the K with a V-bit does indeed sort of have to be backwards. This is achieved by doing the cut on the outside of the line rather than the inside, so the bevels will match when the insert piece is flipped over. To fix the size problem (by default they won’t fit in each other because on the surface they are the same outline), you set starting height on the insert piece to some positive value, and the angle of the bit will produce the desired shrinkage.

I understand that it is difficult to understand. Also quite difficult for me to explain. And clearly I cannot understand it very well, because my tries at it do not work. Thus I ask for help 🙂