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I made the printer so material thickness doesn’t matter, up to a point. If I was to redo it I would switch the direction I gave them to grow and then it wouldn’t matter at all. now if you go above 7.5mm I think you start to cut into y axis travel.

Thanks, I think it looks good as well. I was skeptical to let sell my parts, I am a bit of a perfectionist when my “reputation” is at stake. So far so good I am impressed.

I have wanted to love makergeeks so bad, I just received my forth order and it looks like I might be using them as a supplier now. Finally! The first three orders had shipping issues, and 1 a filament issue. I normally would never give a company a 3rd chance but I wanted there filament enough to try 4 times! When it gets here and is the right color their filament is very nice stuff. With PETG being the same price I will probably start offering it as an option on the printed parts.