I have seen Mr. Nisely’s blog “The Smell of Molten Projects In The Morning” a few times now. Just this evening I followed a twitter link and ended up there again. Each time I get lost in the rabbit hole of impressive work, detailed notes, and writing abilities I will never posses. I have no idea how long I spent looking through the site but I can’t help but urge you all to go have a look.

Checking the spring constant of my pen mount (linear!!!!), probably the most planer build ever, all kinds of hackery going on over there. You will be hearing more about Mr. Nisely very soon (if you can’t wait details in the forums). Full warning this is a deep rabbit hole, so wait until you have some free time to learn a few things.

Have a look at someone that seems to be doing things the right way.

The Smell of Molten Projects In The Morning

Thanks Ed, hope you don’t mind the link.