For those of you who have used my machine and/or appreciate my work and would like to give a little back to help continue development. Thank you! The best way to help is spread the word, tell a friend, make a video, post some positive feedback somewhere, every little bit helps.

I’m not very keen on the idea of asking for money, I believe a good┬áidea should stand on it’s own. I also understand sometimes a cash injection is just what a small business needs to get over a hurdle and some are in a better position to provide that than others.

Cash is not the only way.

  • Using any of my amazon links, you do not have to buy the product in the link. Free for you. Just click through any of my links and go about your shopping.
  • Helping out in the forums. The more time I have to test, build, and break things, the faster I can release new things or information.
  • Helping out by pointing out lack of information. Or any other site deficiencies. I can’t be good at everything…
  • YouTube videos. Who doesn’t love a good video.
  • Share what you use it for, we all like to see fun stuff and most of us are starving for fun project to use our CNC’s with!
  • Spreading the word, let someone know about the site. More sales is good for everyone. The bigger our user base the more collective knowledge.
  • PayPal donation, button below, you can choose reoccurring or one time if you want. This one gets your name on the list ­čÖé For those of you asking about Patreon.

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