I received an email a few weeks ago from Tom, a user commonly found sharing ideas and asking questions in the forums, I was told he mentioned the Mostly Printed CNC in an article he submitted. I panicked thinking I was being warned about what was said in this article. I braced myself for what I thought for sure would be negative, apparently I am a pessimist. So I emailed the editor of Digital Machinist, George, I was so worried about negative things he immediately calmed me down telling me he was sure I would appreciate the article. George, was kind enough to send some copies to me ASAP. One for me and one for my Mom (Hi Mom, it’s in the mail).

I was absolutely blown away at the way the MPCNC was written about, Tom did a wonderful job and was vary fair about his praise and his problems. There is a full 9 pages of Tom’s experience with the MPCNC. I am better with CAD than with words but seeing my creation, in print, in a magazine was extremely powerful. I work very hard and am hyper critical of all the choices I have to make and am obviously on the pessimistic side. To see someone take time to write about it, and an editor willing to put the story as one of the features in his magazine made me feel like I might be on the right track and some of the choices I make are the right ones, and has validated that my long hours and hard work is worth it. The whole thing is referencing the very early parts and not the “525” update but he clarifies that in the article. I tried to send him some updated parts but Tom is already working on printing them.

The community around the machines, the people that put in effort to expand the machines, people helping answer questions, pushing the boundaries, getting others started, people telling others about the experience of using the machine. Those are what make this worth it, trust me it is not a money thing. Things like this really inspire me to get out of bed everyday and make revision number 150 on the same part, spend all day on R&D to find it was an expensive dead end, or spend all day answering emails and forum posts. I am proud of my company, my machines, but most importantly the community around  it. Thank you all.

With that being said, I had never heard of the magazine before. I read through it feverishly last night cover to cover. I really think most of you might really like it. Arduino, equations, CNC, gcode, it has it all! If you head over there the subscriptions are either digital or in print, and there is even a trial issue offer. There are not many magazines that do these sorts of things and this one is spot on with my interests, so I assume most of you would have an appreciation for it as well. This is not meant to be an ad for the magazine, and is not a paid endorsement, just my real opinion. http://www.digitalmachinist.net/

So Tom, the words can’t express my gratitude, thank you for sharing your build, and expanding the machine with your use of MachineKit. George, Keep up the good work, I love the magazine, thank you for publishing Tom’s work and talking me down a bit.