Corner Blocks Assembly

New Corners 4/24/16


These three corner parts are marked with either a letter ( C, F, J). Make sure you are a using either all the normal ones or mirrored together, 2 sets of each.



Use 3/4″ or equivalent screw and nut, Bottom, and Lock pieces. You can use glue here for added strength.



Insert the leg all the way until seated, carefully snug the screw. It does not take much to keep the leg from falling out.



Add the Top and Spacer. Again it takes very little force to snug this up. Try and get all four gaps roughly equal. If you hear cracking you are using 3x’s too much force (you know who you are)!

That’s it, easy.


Old Corners


3/4″ screws and Lock nuts.



Wedge the lock nuts into the side of the block and start the screws, tighten in final assembly.

IMG_20150726_183607Same for the front, 3/4″ screws.

IMG_20150726_183729Full corner block

cornerBear Tech & Tools breaks it down