Enter to win a full UltiMachine Archim v1.0a bundle,

or if you would prefer I have a MKS SBase v1.3.

These are test boards I have and am not using, not brand new but also I would not call them used. I thought it would be fun to run a little contest. If this goes well and you are not interested in a control board, maybe I can find another contest to run later. I will pay for shipping.

Since it is a contest, don’t get me in trouble have a look at your local laws. No Purchase Necessary, Purchase does not enhance chance of winning, Void where prohibited.

How this is going to work, Submit a NEW YouTube video or a NEW instructable that pertains to any of my creations with the name of it in the title, example “Robot does my dirty work, MPCNC”, “MP3DP ate my homework – Proof”, “Cat goes insane watching my ZenXY”, “LowRider gets new rims”. I like watching your videos and while sales are up Video submissions are down. Serious or not so serious, I don’t care. These submissions will get voted on….

No resubmitting old videos please.

Submissions from now until 10/23/17, voting begins 10/24/17 and ends 10/27/17 at which time a winner will be announced.

If you have any questions ask them here, https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/10817-contest-questions/

Post your submission here with any relevant information, Please no comments or likes in this thread just submissions, https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/10817-contest-submissions/

Jason took the prize with good video and a very useful project. Thank you all so much for entering.