The Mostly Printed CNC was born 2 years ago….or released, whatever you prefer to say. More than a half a million thingiverse views later (on one variant alone).

I have to just say thank you, to anyone who might read this.  This new path in my life has been more difficult than I could have imagined when I made the choice to pursue it. The people that have helped me along the way are all of you, the community. Those of you that spend your time offering advice, words of encouragement, constructive criticisms, and helping the newcomers. I absolutely love our forums and everyone in it, the best part of all of this is you people.

First we had the Mostly Printed CNC, MPCNC, a few minor revisions, a new size, a few more revisions and the third size. We now have 3 size tubing variations collectively I call them the 525 models. There are MPCNC’s across the globe literally. Then we made the Milled / Printed 3D Printer, MP3DP, turned out to be a hit with you all. I only intended it to be a fun project for a few of you to make and sell to recoup some money it took to build the MPCNC. Now the LowRider CNC has been released, I am sure the people with the space and need for such a big router is much smaller than the MPCNC but for those of us that have them, I would say pretty cool to have that tool in my garage alongside the others!

Again thank you all, I hope we can keep this going. What’s next?