mod-1yearDay 1

3/5/15 was the day I put the first parts for the MPCNC on I worked on this thing obsessively for about 3 months. When it was finished and I milled some aluminum I put the parts on thingiverse thinking “I wonder if anyone wants to print there own cnc?” I got a few email asking for parts bundles immediately after putting it up. I had plenty of extra parts on hand. From what I can see April B was my first customer on march 22nd. April whoever you are you are still my favorite, don’t tell anyone!  This quickly became my full time job a few months after that.

1 printer pumping out parts turned into 6 over the year, the “4 Head” only made one batch of parts now it is just 2 full MPCNC’s


Since then on Thingiverse….

More than 500,000 views on my 24 different Thingiverse MPCNC things. There are more user contributed parts than I can count! Because of you users and all your hard work the machine has far exceeded my expectations and has many more capabilities than I could have ever imagined.

thing1yrSince the first week it was release it spent 6 months on the 1st page of most popular things, there is another CNC up there now but we have still never been lower than page 2! Out of more than 1,000,000 things I feel pretty proud of that.


The site

We have 1,753 registered users on the forums (1/2 are probably spambots).

Every month has been more successful than the last (thank you all for your help), I have upgraded the kit many times without increasing the price (sorry but it’s coming).  I ship more than 100 packages every month to every corner of the globe. Less than 10 claims filed with USPS!

We are killing servers and working them to there limits (at last the ones I can afford). The last few months have had over 760,000 hits each month. I’m not sure how these stats stack up for other people but to me I feel extremely lucky, and proud.


We all know I am no good and this web site stuff, it isn’t pretty but it works.


Thanks for my first article, and 2nd!

Can’t forget winning Boca Bearings innovation contest on July of 2015, with the grand prize winner yet to be announced……..but like I just said I’m feeling extremely lucky right now! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks JD Rock, ASME, Hackaday, J Tech Photonics.

The best part of all the media, I swear, is your videos! I love the youtube videos, please keep them coming. I like seeing this creation and and all the different ways they get built, the colors, but really I am checking out the “shops” they are working in. I get to see in garages and basements all over the world. Have I creeped you out yet?


Whats next

Well I am kept very busy answering emails, ordering, packing, shipping, answering more emails. So development is slow, but it is happening.

Next up I have a stand alone 3d printer that is almost done, hopefully a cool project to show your MPCNC skills with. Nothing fancy but designed to be made with our machine, maybe you can sell 1 or 2 of them and recoup your initial investment. I am making it because I need more printers for printed parts kits and the last three cheap knock offs I bought have failed miserably. One got sent back after 2 days of use and not a single usable part, one lost its screen, control board, and extruder. The third lost its screen and  control board, extruder has been patched up but who knows how much longer it will last.

I have countless prototypes for new MPCNC parts. For now I want to update the current parts with various tweaks, nothing ground breaking just better. The whole time editing them for making another version, 25.4mm! The new corner assembly is done I have some pics and a video in the forums. I have 2 different center assemblies not sure which is better yet. It’s coming along, slowly, no rush because my machines are running 24/7 and I am still very happy with them.



Let me know if you have suggestions, comments, or concerns – here.